Corporate Engagements
Mendlowitz & Associates specializes in advising banks and other secured lenders regarding their problem loan accounts. Our services include acting as a consultant to perform financial reviews and viability assessments of businesses on behalf of secured lenders. When necessary and appropriate we can be engaged to prepare continuing monitoring reports to keep the secured lender apprised of its current position and any changes in the business that might affect the lender's exposure.

Should it be necessary for a secured lender to enforce its security, we can act in various capacities to facilitate the enforcement:

Receiver (private or court appointed)
Receiver and Manager
Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Mendlowitz & Associates also acts on behalf of debtor companies to advise and assist in restructuring and reorganization efforts required as a result of financial difficulties. These roles include acting on behalf of the debtor in negotiating with its creditors (including banks and financial institutions), acting as a Trustee in a commercial reorganization filed under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, and, if necessary, acting in a formal capacity to wind-up or close a business.

By acting for debtor companies as well as secured lenders, we have developed an understanding of both perspectives. This understanding, together with our team's years of experience in dealing with financially troubled companies and our personal hands-on approach to problem solving, adds value to the advice and services we render. We believe that our perspective, experience and personal approach results in a benefit to each and every party affected by any particular engagement with which we are involved, whether our client is the debtor or secured lender.

Personal Assignments

Mendlowitz & Associates also acts for individuals by providing financial counselling, and where necessary, accepting engagements of personal bankruptcy or proposal proceedings for people experiencing financial difficulty. We pride ourselves on being able to provide personal service to all of our clients. Our role is to analyze the individual’s personal financial situation, outline the available options and recommend a plan that is right for that person and their family. If there is a solution to a financial problem, we will find it.

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